Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Google's Search Algorithm Ranks Mobile-Friendly Sites Higher

Google has altered the way that it's SEO algorithm ranks websites once again. The latest changes, which were implemented on April 21st, give ranking preference to mobile friendly websites equipped with easily-clickable links, text that re-sizes to fit the device screen, among other features. For the moment, these changes only affect searches performed on mobile devices. However, considering that more than 60 percent of search traffic comes through mobile,  its very important that businesses make the necessary changes so that their sites aren't penalized by the new system. (source)

Test your site to see if it meets Google's mobile-friendly standards.

All things considered, most companies will do 1 of 3 things:

1. Wait

Many businesses will wait and see how the changes affect their current search ranking status. This is a risky play, considering the amount of traffic pouring in through mobile phones. As the saying goes, if you play with fire....well, you know the rest!

2. Revamp Their Current Site

Businesses can choose to build a new website that is mobile responsive, or implement the changes necessary to ensure that their current site runs smoothly on smartphones and tablets. This requires some in-house or hired technical expertise, but is a solid alternative for a fluid mobile experience across devices.

3. Create a Mobile Alternative

Businesses can build a mobile website that recognizes when its visitor is on a mobile device and redirects to a separately designed mobile site. This is a great alternative as well, and passes Google's mobile test.

Take the Initiative

Now matter how you slice it, the world is trending towards mobile and businesses must make the adjustment...Google has only confirmed this. Businesses no longer have the luxury of not being mobile optimized. Take the initiative and implement a mobile strategy that will put your business in the best possible position for the mobile future.

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